MESTEC technical system solutions
Service acceptance: service@mestec.de or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0
Service acceptance: service@mestec.de
or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0

MESTEC, a synonym for excellence in measuring devices
High-performance technology needs uncompromising precision. Extremely accurate measuring devices play a key role in research and development for this reason. MESTEC sees to it that they remain reliable yardsticks for technical excellence. At MESTEC our mission is to remain the leading exemplar of competence and quality in the calibration, adjustment, and repair of sophisticated HF wireless measurement technology.

Competence that makes progress in the automotive industry possible.
When a leading manufacturer unveils its innovations, MESTEC has in all likelihood had a hand in making them possible. Automotive companies, other industries, and security authorities have depended on our measurement technology for more than 25 years – for example with Texys sensors for non-contact temperature or acceleration measurement, or with amplifiers for thermocouples or strain gauges. For technologies such as eCall, autonomous driving, and driver assistance systems, MESTEC has systematically expanded its wireless measurement technology segment for the automotive sector.

We take responsibility, for technology and people.
The development of cutting-edge technology, be it for mobility or internal security, always aims to enhance human well-being. For this reason MESTEC offers without exception the highest standards of quality and unfailingly superior performance: manufacturer-quality service for analogue and digital wireless test sets and current mobile telecommunications systems; highly-qualified employees, complementary services, training by professionals in our own academy, and an excellent ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system.

MESTEC, the market leader’s first choice
Aeroflex/Cobham Wireless has recognised MESTEC’s cutting-edge expertise in HF measurement technology and has chosen the company to be its sole authorised service centre. MESTEC sets the benchmark for calibration, adjustment, and repair of sensors and HF wireless measuring equipment – for the highest level of precision.

Sustainability and protection for the environment and natural resources
rofessional repairs save the cost of buying new equipment. And they help protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary consumption. We actively pursue these results with our MESTEC repair service. Product stabilisation enables even older HF measuring device models to continue to perform without limitation at the same level as new devices.

ISO-zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagement 9001:2015