Purchase and sale of HF measuring devices

MESTEC technical system solutions
Service acceptance: service@mestec.de or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0
Service acceptance: service@mestec.de
or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0

Sale and leasing of used high-performance HF wireless measuring devices, including calibration and the MESTEC guarantee.

We can offer you well-maintained, used wireless test sets on favourable terms for purchase, lease, or long-term hire.
You will find the device types in question here.
If you have specific questions concerning our devices, please send them to: info@mestec.de


Purchase of used wireless test sets

Would you like to offer us your used wireless test sets? If so, then send us a description of the device and state what type of device it is, its serial number, the date on which it was last calibrated, and a description of its condition.

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