MESTEC technical system solutions
Service acceptance: or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0
Service acceptance:
or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0

MESTEC: the leading repair specialist for sophisticated HF and LF wireless measuring devices

A repair performed by MESTEC is often all it takes to quickly restore your wireless measuring device to perfect operating condition. And it is far more economical than purchasing a new device. MESTEC plays a leading role with its professional repair service for HF and LF wireless measuring devices both old and new. Our experts in the MESTEC professional workshop work with great skill and finesse to ensure that technologies once believed dead continue to function for a long time to come.

Repair of Schlumberger, Wavetek, Willtek, Aeroflex, and Cobham Wireless brand wireless test sets
When it comes to repairs, experience is everything. The expertise the MESTEC Service Centre brings to bear has a 30-year history. This means that we are familiar with all of the leading measurement device models inside and out and are therefore all the more able to home in on a solution. We can repair analogue and digital wireless test sets built by the former companies Schlumberger, Wavetek, Willtek, Aeroflex, Cobham Wireless (now VIAVI) at the component level. No other service centre for professional wireless measurement technology offers you comparable capabilities or expertise. You will find all of the relevant device types here

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