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Service acceptance:
or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0

Advanced training programmes with expert instructors

At FREIRAUM, the MESTEC academy in Munich-Freiham, advanced training courses for various qualification levels take place on a regular basis. MESTEC offers these continuing education opportunities to ensure that highly sensitive measuring devices are used properly, to impart information on current technical topics, to provide the ideal preparation for upcoming tests in the field of electricity and electronics, and to enable technicians to acquire more advanced qualifications. The academy brings together knowledge and expertise relating to different applications in the HF world and to analogue and digital wireless technology. Available instructors include those with experience in HF device development and in practical applications in the service of public authorities, industry, and terminal device support services along with trainers specialising in vocational guidance, personal motivation, and workplace ergonomics. The MESTEC academy FREIRAUM will provide this service on especially favourable terms to offer its customers and partners a platform for information, the cultivation of knowledge and expertise, and efficient use of devices. The schedule and additional information can be downloaded through the link provided below.

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